Wealth Depot for Professionals

Barry Wilkinson from SW Brokerage shares his views on how Wealth Depot supports professionals with making better financial decisions.

Wealth Depot For Families

David Shillington shares his views about how Wealth Depot helps Parents and Families navigate and make better financial decisions.

Barry Wilkinson
SW Brokerage

“Sebastian is a very knowledgeable financial advisor, his professionalism and thoroughness in areas in helping clients to achieve the outcome their after is very unique. I can’t recommend Sebastian’s services enough for anyone looking for his services.”

Kevin Anderson
COO, James Cook University

“Sebastian has always been a strong advocate in providing people with the knowledge to manage their finances. In an environment that regularly changes it is often very difficult to make accurate decisions pertaining to your finances and superannuation. I have found that Sebastian is approachable, can break down a lot of the finance tech talk to layman’s language and then assist you with options depending on your goals. I always feel confident that he is in the ‘know’ and able to react quickly taking advantage of changing legislation. He is both friendly and professional with a high level of customer service/support. I have no trouble recommending him to anyone serious about staying in control of their finances.”

Helen Edwards
Professor, QUT

“I have been using Wealth Depot Financial Advisers for the last two years. I have worked directly with Sebastian Mazza and have always found him to be available for any queries – no matter how small they are. He never hesitates to explain something again to me if I have not fully understood any processes. He deals with any issues in a very timely manner. I would recommend him for anyone seeking financial advice.”

Helen Edwards
Professor, QUT

George Samios
Madd Loans

At Wealth Depot we work in closely with many different service providers to help our clients remove complexity and better improve their understanding of financial products and services. Today, I would like to introduce one of those specialists to discuss how this process has provided benefits to our clients.

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Peter Marinos
Big Michael's Fruit and Vegetables

We have known Peter and his wife, Robyn, for nearly 4 years and throughout those years we have developed a great relationship. We also service their parents, thus we have enjoyed a close and personal relationship with the entire family. We have helped Peter and Robyn with their Self-Managed Super Fund and investment strategies. Most importantly we have provided to Peter and Robyn a trusted sounding board and helped to guide them make financial decisions aimed at delivering their goals.

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Colin O’Loughlin
Arch Brokerage

We met Colin in 2018 and he wanted to ensure his superannuation was best structured to grow and support his retirement goals. We made sure he had the right risk protection and estate planning in place so that he knew, should anything happen to him, his family will be ok.

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Russell Child
Yield Asset Managers

Russell was introduced to us by his Accountant – Muscillo Romano in 2013 to help guide him and business partner around Key Person life insurance for their business. Since then our relationship with Russell has been close, constant and a pleasure. We assist Russell and his wife Kym with their superannuation, insurance, investment and Self Managed Super Fund requirements

Watch testimonial video below.

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John Philps

On the 1st of March 2018, I had an accident at work. I’m a carpenter and I fell off a ladder, fracturing my knee and damaging my ligaments. Within 2 weeks I had surgery and Sebastian sorted out all my income protection and I was paid out for the accident. I work for myself so without my Income Protection, I would have been in a tough place financially. Sebastian and his team at Wealth Depot did a great job, they were efficient and took care of everything on their side and made the claim process very easy for me. Thanks Sebastian and team!

John Philps

Robin Counsel

My husband, Phil Counsel and I were recommended by friends to approach Wealth Depot to receive sound and professional financial advice.

Phil and I met with Sebastian, from Wealth Depot in 2015 and could not be happier with the advice and service that we have been provided. We truly feel that we are now heading in the right direction towards our financial goals, due to Sebastian developing an individually tailored financial plan and wealth creation. Our financial plan was based on specialist SMSF solutions, including such things as limited recourse borrowing arrangement and a diversified investment portfolio.

Sebastian has endeavoured to ensure that both Phil and I understand and feel comfortable with the decisions that we are making. This has resulted in us having financial peace of mind, which is very important to us both for our children and retirement.
Sebastian’s professional network has facilitated a multi-service collaboration. These vital services include legal, mortgage broking and accountancy. This has allowed for a more streamline and efficient approach to our financial portfolio.

Additionally, Phil and I have recommended Sebastian’s financial services to family, friends and work colleagues. Sebastian is a worthy nominee for the SMSF Advisor of the Year Award. He is highly professional, personable and available to answer to any questions and queries we may have.

Lastly, Sebastian regularly provides updates to our financial plan and online newsletters including such topics as My Super, Wealth Depot Insight and National News. Without a doubt, Sebastian Mazza has more than met our expectations.

Robin Counsel

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Michele Romano
Muscillo Romano

I have known Sebastian Mazza for well over twenty years and over the past four years Sebastian has provided exceptional, insightful and technically outstanding financial advice services to my clients.

His continued support and desire to provide quality services to my clients, has instilled my confidence in his ability to deliver the best financial advice time and time again.

As a practice manager, his experience as a seasoned Chartered Accountant and Business Owner/Manager I believe has provided him with the insight, understanding and commitment to developing a unique financial planning practive that is committed to exceptional client service. his focus on team collaboration, training and the building of business processes is what sets him apart form his peers.

I truly believe his success is based on his management skills, client focus and willingness to keep learning his craft and technical ability. This is brilliant because the end result is pro-active, client focused and transparent advice to his clients.

Sebastian’s approach provides our firm the confidence to collaborate and refer our valued clients with no hesitation.

Sebastian is a team player and focused on building close and long term relationsships with his clients.

Yours sincerely

Michele Romano
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Sebastian Trovato
Building Certification Consultants

Everyone should have the pleasure of working with Sebastian Mazza from Wealth Depot.

His attention to detail and client service are second to none. As a Financial Advisor, Sebastian has help guide me on all of my importantn financial decisions and he was my go-to expert last year when my company was undertaking a major business restructure. He constructed a special business risk solution tailor made to meet our company’s specific needs. He is collaborative and communicative from the inception to the completion of every financial solution you shoul drequire.

Sebastian is held in high regard by his business partners and clients and is well respected by his peers in the industry.

Sebastian Trovato,
Managing Director
Building Certification Consultants Pty Ltd.