Wealth Creation & Retirement Planning

A long-term approach to financial planning and wealth management is absolutely essential for all clients’ wishing to realise their financial security and goals. Wealth Depot Financial Advisers provides a highly technical, strategic and holistic approach to our client’s wealth creation.

Aged Care Planning

Wealth Depot Financial Advisers’ core program incorporates a five step process:

  • Assess: understand our client’s current financial health and risk profile
  • Blueprint: recommend appropriate services and products
  • Inform: drive client’s knowledge and understanding
  • Put into action: implement our recommendations
  • Review: frequent analysis of our recommendations and strategies

Our five step process promotes an environment whereby decisions are made collaboratively through communication, interaction and teamwork.

Our process

Wealth Depot Financial Advisers work closely with their client throughout the process to develop a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives, needs and financial situation. Wealth Depot Financial Advisers prepare a tailored wealth management plan appropriate to each client’s financial objectives and risk profile.

Wealth Depot is an integrated and holistic financial planning company with a strong focus on the following financial advisory and wealth creation services and products:

  • Advice on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • Advice on structuring your assets, investments and superannuation for tax effectiveness and flexibility
  • Risk management and protection of assets
  • Advice on wealth creation and cash flow management strategies
  • Advice on estate planning, SMSF Wills and Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • Administration of and reporting of your investments including performance and asset allocation
  • Regular review of your self managed superannuation and personal planning strategies and objectives
  • Investment Advice including basic deposit products, managed investments, investor directed portfolio services, master trusts, wrap accounts and individually managed accounts, direct shares and managed investments;
  • Risk insurance including all life products and private health insurance

Our Investment & Retirement Planning Philosophy

We Believe…

An investment portfolio is a means of reaching what is most important.

Your Goals and Objectives

Tax Efficiency is a primary consideration at all times.

We believe it is essential to think about the minimisation of capital gains and maximisation of tax effective income when managing portfolios.

It is important to construct a Cost Effective portfolio and we will attempt to minimise costs at all times.

However that will not necessarily mean delivering the cheapest solution. Our portfolios are designed to achieve the best after fee results for our clients ie targeting the best value. We also believe it is important that costs are transparent so that our clients understand exactly what they are paying for.

We take into consideration both the Income and Growth components of investment returns.

As a general principle, we are more likely to construct a portfolio which is focussed on total return (ie income and growth) for clients who are in retirement and more likely to construct a portfolio which is focussed on income (ie potentially at the expense of capital gains) in exchange for a strong expectation of receiving relatively high and regular income.

We believe Dynamic Asset Allocation is the best approach.

Although strategic asset allocation is used as a starting point for all clients we believe that portfolios should have the flexibility to invest in asset classes only if it makes sense to do so. If the reward isn’t worth the risk, we should be able to avoid the asset class completely.

A Disciplined Approach is critical to achieving the desired investment outcome.

Successful investing is not about chasing the highest return in any one year but is about disciplined approach and avoiding the all too typical mistakes that erode wealth. An example of taking a disciplined approach is not reacting to short-term performance but, rather, understanding that some markets, managers or securities may not perform as well as others (and may even go down) from time to time. Reacting to this by changing the portfolio will not necessarily improve the value of a portfolio.

Adequate Portfolio Diversification can help to reduce risk and uncertainty.

Where not in conflict with either tax efficiency, cost effective and dynamic allocation objectives, the portfolio will be diversified across asset classes, investment methods and manager styles. We believe a significant benefit to our clients is that unlike many financial planning firms (which may limit investments to managed funds) and share brokers (which may limit investments to listed securities) we are not limited by such narrow thinking. Your portfolio may include managed funds, EFTs and listed securities and are selected on the basis that they are the most likely to meet our clients needs and objectives.

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