Aged Care Planning

A sound understanding of the complex fee and accommodation packages available is absolutely essential for all clients’ wishing to enter a residential aged care facility.

Aged Care Planning

Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalIn most cases the need to urgently make decisions can lead to unforeseen errors and financial mistakes. Thus it is our belief that having the knowledge, understanding and foresight to make your aged care plan right for you is the key to a better outcome for you and your family.

Wealth Depot provides a highly technical, strategic and holistic approach to our client’s aged care planning needs.

Our core program incorporates a five step process:

  • assess: understand our client’s current financial health and risk profile
  • blueprint: recommend appropriate services and products
  • inform: drive client’s knowledge and understanding
  • put into action: implement our recommendations
  • review: frequent analysis of our recommendations and strategies

Our five step process promotes an environment whereby decisions are made collaboratively through communication, interaction and teamwork.

About Wealth Depot Financial Advisors

Wealth Depot advisers work closely with our clients throughout the process to develop a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives, needs and financial situation. Wealth Depot advisers prepare a tailored aged care plan appropriate to each client’s financial objectives and risk profile.

Wealth Depot is an integrated and holistic financial planning company with a strong focus on the following financial advisory and wealth creation services and products:

  • Aged Care Strategies including fee analysis on Day 1, After Move In and Long Term Cash Flow and Net Asset Projections.
  • Advice on structuring your assets, investments and superannuation for tax effectiveness and flexibility
  • Risk management and protection of assets
  • Advice on wealth creation and cash flow management strategies
  • Estate planning reviews
  • Administration of and reporting of your investments including performance and asset allocation
  • Investment Advice including basic deposit products, managed investments, investor directed portfolio services master trusts and wrap accounts, direct shares and managed investments

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