We all want freedom and leisure for life after work. Living in a lovely home, visiting family and friends, traveling overseas and enjoying the activities that we don’t have time for now.

Retirement savings plans are set up so you can enjoy your retirement years.  The sooner you start the less you need to put aside to save for the same life.  We help make sure your finances are on track to get you to where you aim to be.  A diverse portfolio can boost your retirement savings without locking your money away.

How we can help you:

Social security entitlement.

Depending on your financial situation, you may be entitled to government benefits such as concession cards, bonus payments, supplements and allowances.

Contributions to Superannuation.

Superannuation is a retirement saving vehicle which your employer has an obligation to contribute to under Australian Law. Your Super may not pay for the retirement that you’re imagining….. be sure to check it!  There are a variety of funds and types of contributions that can be set up to maximize the superannuation potential for your retirement.

Asset protection.

Life is unpredictable, so your plans for the future need to take into account what could go wrong as well as what could go right.  Asset protection is all about managing this uncertainty.

Pension Payments.

The objective of the social security system in Australia is to provide Australians with a ‘minimum adequate standard of living’.  Your eligibility is based on age, income, residency status and assets. We can help you work this out to ensure you get what you’re entitled too.

Lifestyle enjoyment.

Do you want to travel overseas, take up that activity that you haven’t had time for in your working life, or spend more time with the grandkids? Whatever your goals are for retirement, we can help you plan towards reaching it.

Start or review your retirement savings plan with us by enquiring today!

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