Protecting your loved ones is a natural instinct, but how can you protect them when you’re not around? We can help you by working through the adequate level of insurance coverage which can provide much needed financial protection in life’s ‘worst case scenarios’.

Wealth Depot Life Insurance What You Should Know

We help create financial security and protection plans:

Family Security.

Life insurance

  • We can talk you through a variety of insurance options so that in the event of something happening to you, which may affect your income and as such your family and lifestyle, you are covered appropriately
  • ‘worst case scenario’ you want your family looked after
  • Right level of life insurance cover
  • Benefits go to the right beneficiaries
  • The details of the policy are implemented and kept updated

Replacement of Income.

Income insurance 

  • In the event of an accident or sickness and you cannot work at all or to full capacity, you need to have the certainty of an income to cover essential costs such as rent or mortgage and living costs
  • Types of income protection and the right level of cover based on your personal situation such as savings you already have
  • What are your financial future goals? What plans are you making that you do not want to change

Personal Health.

Trauma insurance

  • In the event you have a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life threatening illness, trauma insurance can help you recover financially.
  • Medicare and private health insurance don’t cover all the costs and workers comp only covers work related injuries.
  • Ensure the insurance cover is adequate to the needs of you and your family.

Long-Term care.

TPD insurance

  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance covers you in the event that you are unable to work again due to to an injury or illness
  • TPD assists in paying for recovery and rehab costs such as refitting your home, paying for a Carer, funds to repay debts and create an ongoing income stream
  • We can assist you determine your situation and what requirements you would need and make sure that you have adequate coverage

Helping children & assisting parents:

In the event of ‘worst case scenario’, are you appropriately covered to fund schooling for your children through until university? Making sure you have the correct insurance coverage will take care of your children’s education and take the worry and pressure off the spouse or carer

Ensure that you are protecting your family in life’s worst case scenario – enquire today!

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