We know that you care about what happens to your family financially after you’re gone. Let us help you get your assets and investments in line to ensure that your finances are distributed where you would like them if you pass away.

How we can help you build your legacy:

Wills and instructions

Whether you have clear instructions on how you want your assets and investments distributed or you don’t know where to start, we can provide you with a guide on how to establish your will.


List your beneficiaries and be sure to keep these up-to-date as these can change when circumstances change.

Giving to charity

If you have personal connections with a given charity or just feel strongly about some or all of your assets to be left to a charity, we can help set this up to make sure that it happens.

Tax minimisation

There are ways minimise too much tax on your assets when you die and one of these would be by setting up a Testamentary Trust under your will. We can talk you through your best options.

Power of attorney

We should all have a power of attorney should we not be able to act on our own behalf. A power of attorney is a legally binding document that transfers specific power to a designated person or persons.  We can guide you on how to establish your power of attorney.

Binding Death benefit nominations

Superannuation does not automatically flow to your estate when you die.  A Binding Death benefit nomination is a legally binding nomination that allows you to advise the trustee who will receive your superannuation when you die.

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