My husband, Phil Counsel and I were recommended by friends to approach Wealth Depot to receive sound and professional financial advice.

Phil and I met with Sebastian, from Wealth Depot in 2015 and could not be happier with the advice and service that we have been provided. We truly feel that we are now heading in the right direction towards our financial goals, due to Sebastian developing an individually tailored financial plan and wealth creation. Our financial plan was based on specialist SMSF solutions, including such things as limited recourse borrowing arrangement and a diversified investment portfolio.

Sebastian has endeavored to ensure that both Phil and I understand and feel comfortable with the decisions that we are making. This has resulted in us having financial peace of mind, which is very important to us both for our children and retirement.
Sebastian’s professional network has facilitate a multi-service collaboration. These vital servies include legal, mortgage broking and accountancy. This has allowed for a more streamline and efficient approach to our financial portfolio.

Additionally, Phil and I have recommended Sebastian’s financial services to family, friends and work colleagues. Sebastian is a worthy nominee for the SMSF Advisor of the Year Award. He is highly professional, personable and available to answer to any questions and queries we may have.

Lastly, Sebastian refularly provides updates to our financial plan and online newsletters including such topics as My Super, Wealth Depot Insight and National News. Without a doubt, Sebastian Mazza has more than met our expectations.

Robin Counsel.