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Webinar Recording: Superannuation 2020 Vision

Re-visit and view Sebastian Mazza with Nigel Smith from Netwealth, as they provide their superannuation insight and plans around the current economic climate and how we can help make a difference to your retirement and financial independence. Below are the key moments in the presentation to help focus on the main topics discussed: Super as…

Wealth Depot Covid-19 Ebook Guide – Valuable Update for You

Our specially compiled Covid-19 e-book contains: Government briefings Detailed business updates Important employee information Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Government and healthcare resources Useful links, carefully selected and covering a wide range of questions and needs Wellbeing hints and tips   Download your copy here – Wealth Depot Covid-19 EBook  

5 Behavioural biases that influence investors decision making

To be a successful investor over the long term, we believe it is fundamental to recognise, and hopefully overcome, common human behavioural biases that often lead to poor decisions and investment mistakes. We have highlighted 5 typical behavioural biases that investors suffer from.     1. Confirmation bias Confirmation bias is the inherent human propensity…