Wealth Depot and Prima Fermata (Com.It.Es)

Wealth Depot was recently invited to contribute to the latest version of Prima Fermata – Open for Business. The publication is a vital part of the work and services provided by Com.It.Es Com.It.Es main charter is to COOPERATE with the CONSULAR AUTHORITIES for the PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS AND INTERESTS of emigrant (Italian) citizens. We […]


Smart Super Strategies for this EOFY

Smart Super Strategies for this EOFY With the end of financial year fast approaching its time to review your financial plans and strategies in place! This is particularly important for this financial year due to several changes that have applied for the first time in 2017-18, and some others that are starting on 1 July […]


Life Insurance Myths Busted

Life Insurance Myths Busted People may overlook insurance covers and how helpful they can be. We look at the common reasons why people don’t take out insurance and shed light on why you may need to consider it. It is important to remember for every reason to not take out insurance, there is often an […]


The Value of Life Insurance

 The Value of Life Insurance:  Common Thought – “It won’t happen to me”, if you’re one of the lucky ones who lives your life uninterrupted by any accidents, illness or sudden death, then it might not. But chances are a traumatic event will occur in your life that may require financial aid to help you […]


5 Things You Can Do to Build Retirement Savings

5 Things You Can Do to Build Retirement Savings MLC’s Australia today report highlights almost one-third of Australians are contributing additional funds over and above their employer contributions. This provides positive signs that Australians are thinking ahead and preparing for the retirement lifestyle they want, rather than using the aid of government support or inheritance […]


Rise of Individual Managed Accounts: What you need to know

Rise of Individual Managed Accounts: What you need to know Recently, the industry has observed the rise of passive investing among investors, overtaking the norm of fund manager active investing. This vast uprising has seen managers try to get more ‘active’ in order to deliver best practice and more individually constructed portfolios. Individually Managed Accounts […]

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