What is Banqer?

What is Banqer?

Banqer is an online educational tool that makes it easy to teach financial literacy.

Our innovative platform transforms the classroom into a virtual economy. Students have their own mock online bank account, and through transacting with one another, and their teacher, students learn about all sorts of financial concepts in a safe,controlled environment.

Teaching students about important financial concepts, including savings, interest, tax,employment and careers, real estate and insurance, has never been so easy.

Banqer’s Resource Hub:
Developed by teachers, for teachers, Banqer’s Resource Hub includes a wealth of pre-prepared lesson plans that make integrating financial literacy into your class easy.

When used in conjunction with Banqer’s modules, little to no prior financial knowledge is needed by the teacher to make a start today.

Banqer as a Motivational Tool:
Banqer integrates into existing classroom reward and behavior management programs, helping to increase student engagement, improve organisational skills, and
drives work output.

Banqer in the Classroom:
Banqer is quick and easy; students will pop in and out of the platform throughout the day, checking balances and making transactions. This enables the platform to work
around existing lessons with minimal disruption (just like you or I may check our emails or online banking).

“Having a class currency system creates a real life context in the classroom and gives everything we do an authentic purpose. As a teacher I can create real life experiences to motivate students whilst at the same time building financial literacy understanding
and knowledge of careers that will benefit my students in the future.”

Year 6 & 7 teacher, Churton Park School, New Zealand

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